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Hey there,

Welcome to my website. My name is Kai and I am happy that you are interested in one of my projects. By the way, they have one thing in common: I love meeting new people, reuniting with old ones and connecting and inspiring people.
On my journey by ship across the Atlantic and then through Latin America. Here you can follow me on my blog and get to know my experiences. But I also want to write about different social and political topics!
And with my music: I play the guitar, but above all I love to sing – preferably together with others. That’s why you can find my songbook by clicking on Music. I’m happy if you wish for a song of mine!
If you click on Bar, you’ll get to my private bar: the Kaifischbar. But even if you don’t meet me in Cologne. I like to mix drinks and get into conversation with people.
Have fun!



Crossing the Atlantic by boat! What I plan to do and why